… designs and implements software systems that operate Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) used for the transportation of goods in warehouses and production areas. Our software solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of the ever-changing logistics industry. Learn more about our Smart Shuttle Solutions for autonomous mobile shuttles below or get in touch with us for further information.

Smart Shuttles
• provide intelligent transports of your goods
• independently move through your facility
• autonomously find the most efficient way
• dodge any unexpected obstacles
• immediately stop when people suddenly get into their way
• dynamically reorganize their route if it is blocked
• are invariant against common layout changes
• collaborate in fleets

Your benefits
• Flexibility. Smart Shuttles adapt and respond to the unexpected
• Scalability. Your fleet of Smart Shuttles can be extended without any additional efforts
• Retrofitting. Smart Shuttles can easily be employed in existing environments
• Collaboration. Smart Shuttles collaborate and share their space with human colleagues
• Intelligence. Smart Shuttles reliably conduct your transports
One software fits all
• Robust standard platforms for industrial settings
• Hardware independent software solutions
• Customized vehicles tailored to your needs
• Different types of Smart Shuttles driven by the same software
• Easy adaptation to custom requirements
• Easy integration into your infrastructure

Find out more about the platforms and solutions currently available…

Easy interaction
• All Smart Shuttles are safety- and CE-certified
• A dedicated Fleet Management serves as centralized endpoint to your IT and users
• Easy configuration via our user-friendly interface
• Intuitive overview of all Smart Shuttles
• Traffic areas regulate the fleet‘s behaviour