incubed IT Coding Bootcamp

Solve day-by-day coding challenges. See how you're doing compared to fellow coders. The fourth and last challenge is online now! Feel free to try the previous challenges as well!

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    Have some coding fun!

    We will prepare a couple of coding challenges that we'll publish twice a week, for three weeks in a row. More details will be added continuously, so make sure you sign up to our newsletter!
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    Short Challenges

    The challenges can be solved in reasonable time, just enough for a decent brain workout 😉


    Get live updates of how your fellow coders are doing. For each assignment, the top 3 rankings will receive points for the overall challenge.

    Online Coding Platform

    We are using an online service for editing and running code as well as for checking your results. You don't need any prior setup to join, just a browser.

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    Final Standings

    Leaderboard for Challenge 3 (Walk the Maze)

    Leaderboard for Challenge 2 (Transport Robot)

    Leaderboard for Challenge 1 (Traversable Environment)