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Picture a warehouse with racks and shelves packed full of merchandise. Employees drive forklifts or use pallet jacks to move goods as an integral part of their job. This is a pretty standard operation, but there are risks: the pallets can weigh up to hundreds of pounds, potentially falling onto employees and injuring them. What if there was another way to transport merchandise around warehouses and facilities without risking people’s safety?

Thanks to advances in robotics technology, now there is: Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). AMRs are transforming the future of how warehouses are run. Sometimes, these robots can help fill in jobs that are too dangerous or hard for humans. They’re also perfect for repetitive and monotonous jobs, but flexible enough to cope with changing, dynamic environments and more complex tasks.

What are Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)?

AMRs are robots equipped with sensors and processors that work in tandem with intelligent software to autonomously perform tasks without needing a set path or human supervision.

To imagine AMRs better, think of the robotic ground vacuums found in many households. (This isn’t a perfect comparison — but in many ways these robotic vacuums are very similar to AMRs.) Newer generations of robotic vacuums can navigate the floor of a house, avoid obstacles, and perform a job.

But now picture a robot ten to a hundred times larger, with industrial-grade sensors and safety features, and with different models designed to perform a variety of tasks. They may be carrying containers, lifting pallets, shelving merchandise, scanning stored products, and more. They have many applications, including pick assist, material handling equipment, and infrastructure replacement.

KNAPP AMR powered by incubed IT carrying boxes
Image credit: KNAPP

Now imagine putting five, ten — even a hundred of these robots to work in an industrial facility. With minds coordinated over one network, AMRs are able to do a lot more than just vacuum the floors. These robots are here to assist on the job for safe, efficient everyday operations of many kinds. 

The incubed IT software solution

Here at incubed IT, a Verizon company, we’re excited about AMRs because of what they can do for you and your business. incubed IT provides a software solution for autonomous mobile robots, bringing together intelligent robotic control and extensive fleet orchestration.

incubed IT offers software that works with AMRs so they can seamlessly complete their jobs. The first part of the incubed IT solution is the Robot Autonomy Platform. This onboard software is the “brains” of the robot; it utilizes localization and autonomous navigation.

  • Localization enables the robot to understand where it is based on sensor information and networked computing.
  • Autonomous navigation allows it to choose the best path from point A to B intelligently. 

The AMRs use obstacle avoidance, which means they can determine what to do if, for example, a person or another robot comes into their path. The Robot Autonomy Platform helps the AMR assess the situation through its sensors and choose the best route for moving around the obstacle. That means you will have a more robust transport system in your facility. 

Additionally, the decentralized intelligence of the robots allows reduction of the configuration of the system, since the robots know how to cope with different situations. Less configuration means less work and reduced complexity.

The second part of the incubed IT solution is the Fleet Management Server, an integrated system for managing and coordinating fleets of mobile robots. The server connects individual AMRs to all the other robots that the facility owns. The server helps assign and optimize tasks to robots without the hassle of manually trying to coordinate what robots should do. 

The Fleet Management Server also helps coordinate driving behavior like a traffic advisor. Traffic areas can be reserved and locked, letting the robot know not to go into certain areas. All software services are built to be cloud-ready, allowing you to access the server on-premise and in any cloud environment. Workers can manage the robots in the facility through this server with minimal effort. 

Overview of the incubed IT software platform

If you want to get started with AMRs operated by incubed IT software, fortunately you won’t need to go through the hassle of trying to set it all up on your own — incubed IT will be there for you. Along with our AMR partners, we’ll help you set up your own fleet of AMRs with minimal complications.

We will also train you to manage and control your AMRs with the incubed IT platform, so you can seamlessly transition from the setup to running your fleet on the job.

Why choose incubed IT for your AMR needs?

There are several benefits of working with incubed IT for your AMR needs.

  1. Our software solution provides intelligent robotic control so that the AMRs work efficiently and seamlessly. 
  2. It’s easy to expand your fleet of AMRs — our software can easily integrate additional robots so you can smoothly operate your expanded fleet with minimal complications. 
  3. The software also accounts for safety, allowing you to configure traffic areas and no-go zones, plus automatic obstacle avoidance and rerouting to adjust how your fleet behaves. 
  4. Our software is convenient for everyday use. You can easily implement and configure your setup via a user-friendly web-based interface for an intuitive overview of all your AMRs in your facility.

incubed IT would love to help you create a safer and more efficient workplace by starting your own AMR fleet and joining the future of businesses today. 

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